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About me

My names Is Feras Hasan, my healing journey started 18 years ago, I came back home and one of my two lovebirds was sick and my friend thought it was dead or going to die. We didn't know what to do, I picked the bird up in my hands for a while and then blew on it. I put the bird back in the cage and It came back to life!

At the time my friend asked me what did you do, honestly I didn't know at the time.

After that I was busy with life looking for the truth and my purpose, why am i here? learning how to heal myself from my own emotional trauma and negative thoughts.

in 2006 i had another experience i like to share it . I was meditating ...i was on the beach and suddenly i saw myself riding a horse . the horse was galloping fast and turned to the sea . I was now riding on the water . I noticed a big boat in the distance . We were going towards it . As soon as i arrived in the place , I saw a man with a long white beard dressed in white robe , holding a long stick in his right hand . Straightaway the boat lifted up to the sky . Then i found myself standing in front of the castle door . The mysterious man disappeared as well as the horse . I was dwarfed by the enormous size of the castle door . thought of question could i possibly open this huge door ? I heard a voice saying i could open it . Surprisingly i could open it with ease . I was blinded by the bright light coming from inside . Next to me on my left , I saw jesus and virgin Mary standing , looking towards the light . Then jesus said Hello brother and reached for my hand placing a green  olive in it . It is your turn brother  he said . After this i saw myself back in my room but left with the feeling of blessing and the light filled up the room . I decided to take a walk outside but it felt like floating on the streets . this feeling lasted for about an hour . Now i know why i have this experience and what it mean. Its time for me to be the tool to bring this blessing from the source to earth to the all brothers and sisters who are looking for this healing blessing this is my mission 

I was telling a friend about the experience with the bird, he asked me if I could perform a healing on him. I spent some time placing my hand on his shoulder and his head after that he said you are really gifted and advised me to do a healing course.

The first course I did was 2 year healing course in college of psychic studies, here is a list of the other courses I have completed:

Theta healing (Advanced courses)

Spirt response therapy (Advanced course)

Quantum healing therapy (Advanced course)

Chakra technique healing (Advanced course)


3 months shamanic training In Columbia

Body anatomy healing course

Reki master 

and many others!

Since 2009 I have been healing people and I have now found my own modality of healing based on the techniques Ive created.

I use physchic surgery to regulate the mind to be in harmony with the soul and the body will follow.

clients have reported a variety of changes after a healing session variety of issues and symptoms are simply no longer there . physical , emotional , spiritual , relationship and businesses are also changed to achieve success 

my vision is to harness the light frequencies from the source and bring them to mother earth to connect every human heart who are looking for awakening for freedom to unconditional love